Exercise Of The Month – Low Lunge Quad Stretch

Exercise: Low Lunge Quad Stretch

Sanskrit Name: Anjaneyasana Variation


This is a great pose for athletes.  It treats the typical source of lower-body soreness, especially in runners: tight quads, hamstrings, and hips.


Shortening: biceps, deltoid, hamstrings, gluteus, rhomboids, iliopsoas, triceps, pelvic floor muscles

Lenthening: pectoral is major, iliopsoas, glutes, quadriceps, lower abdominals

Stabilizing: serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi


1. Start on hands and knees

2. Step one foot between hands

3. Bring hands to front knee

4. Keep pelvis over back knee, and take hold of back with same hand

-if you can’t reach, use a strap around the foot or ankle

5. To effect the stretch, move back hip towards its outer hip, and move the hips forward.

Common problems:

Front knee beyond ankle

Back leg bent

Hips not level

Belly collapses onto front thigh

Spine rounding


Serious knee problems

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