Scar Tissue 

A simple scar from childhood accident to major surgery can have lifelong effects both physically and mentally. Scar tissue has potential to spread in any direction including internally throughout the body. It can also restrict movement or function anywhere in the body from joints to organs. The slightest restriction in the elaborate matrix of facia can have major repercussions from one end of the body to the other. Acupuncture, cupping therapy and Gua Sha therapy can help break down old scar tissue and repair proper functioning to the body.

About Katherine Smyth

Katherine Smyth, is a registered Acupuncturist with the CTCMA, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and counselor and owner of Squamish Mountain Medicine. Squamish Mountain Medicine is an alternative medicine clinic helping people live pain free without the use of prescription drugs. Squamish Mountain Medicine provides natural health options to people of all ages, with a specialty in pain, injuries, stress, depression & anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, women’s health, fertility and pregnancy care. Kat is a proud part of the integrative team of practitioners at Reach Physiotherapy Clinic in Squamish, British Columbia. To book an appointment or for more info go to

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