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Acupuncture can help regulate the production of fertility hormones

Acupuncture is becoming a popular choice for couples who are trying for a baby, as it is a natural alternative to hormone treatment and has no side effects.

Traditional Chinese medicine has an extensive history of treating women’ s health issues, with writings from 200 BC describing medical plants to treat infertility. Today Traditional Chinese practitioner have embraced and combined these traditional applications into advanced fertility treatment. ┬áThis has brought about clinical feedback and research proposing that acupuncture is capable of significantly enhancing fertility.

The impact of acupuncture in increasing pregnancy rates when utilized before and post embryo replacement.

The impact of acupuncture in increasing blood supply to the uterus and ovaries

The impact of acupuncture in managing and regulating hormones precisely incorporate in follicle development and implantation

dummyThe impact of acupuncture in increasing healthy sperm count and decreasing the production of abdominal sperm

Acupuncture in addition offers women and their partners the chance to prepare for conception through enhancing their wellbeing and health.

This can be directed at different health issues, for example, polycystic ovarian syndrome and irregular menstrual cycles through to general health & wellbeing issues.

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Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women.

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