Chronic Injuries, Stress & Performance

crossfit-534615_1280Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that is greater than the body part can structurally withstand. There are two kinds of sports injuries: acute and chronic. An injury that occurs suddenly, such as a sprained ankle caused by an awkward landing, is known as an acute injury.

Chronic injuries are caused by repeated overuse of muscle groups or joints. Poor technique and structural abnormalities can also contribute to the development of chronic injuries. Medical investigation of any sports injury is important, because you may be hurt more severely than you think. For example, what seems like an ankle sprain may actually be a bone fracture.

Mountian BikingChronic stress undermines performance and general health. It shifts you body’s metabolism away from optimal functioning of cardiovascular, digestion and immunity, including your ability to focus. Acupuncture, and mind-body awareness strategies can help you normalize your nervous system’s fight/flight activity.

Whether working with muscle, connective tissue, or joint injury, back or core stability problems, we understand and complement your medical treatments. We develop appropriate rehabilitative and exercise strategies with you so that you are more aware of your limits and potential. We help you get back into training the sustainable way, and help you maintain fitness while preventing injuries. We work with you as partners to turn your weaknesses into your strengths!

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