Post Training Recovery

boxing-glovesRest and recovery are essential components to any training program. Achieving an appropriate balance between training, competition stress and recovery is important in maximizing the performance of athletes. Elite and professional level training is a 2 sided coin; effort and recovery. There is a reason why elite athletes and pros wear heart rate monitors and other data sensors during and post training. This technology measures cumulative training loads so recovery can be properly assessed. Once you go beyond a certain point in training there is simply no added benefit. Recovery and restoration must take place before achieving further performance gains. This is where acupuncture can add value.

Post training recovery is critical to maximize athletic performance at any level. The main role of recovery is to help athletes adapt faster to training. This is done by reducing fatigue so athletes can “bounce back” and be ready for the next session or event.

Acupuncture enables tissues to relax and heal after strenuous exercise. This can reduce recovery time between workouts. Motor point acupuncture (intramuscular stimulation or IMS) enhances recovery after competition, reducing fatigue and pain, possibly influencing tennisneuromuscular reflex activity. Electro-acupuncture is shown to reduce muscle fatigue and stiffness at the end of a workout, and ear acupuncture can decrease heart rate and levels of blood lactic acid after short, intense exercise programs.

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