Feb 2016

Kat fixed my shoulder in just one session. She is dedicated to each a patients specific needs and over all health. Her process and professionalism puts any patient at ease no matter what their issues or reservations may be. She also has a beautiful soul and a warm aura to keep you coming back.

Brit -Calgary, AB

Jan 2016

I had such an amazing experience with Kat while visiting Squamish and Whistler, my knee was hurting from a plain ride , horrible pain and burning, after a session with her i felt such a relief , pain is gone and nice cooling sensation lasted for hours … Felt like i had an ice pack on it … Plane ride back didn’t bother me at all. Thanks Kat a lot for saving my vacation!!! Looking forward to see you on my next trip!

Yuliya , Maui Hawaii 

Jan 2016

Kat was able to help me get to the bottom of an underlying illness I had last year. Her expertise and professionalism is outstanding. I highly recommend Squamish Mountain Medicine.

Doireanne, Tralee Ireland 

Dec 2015

I really wanted to acknowledge the care that Katherine Smyth has provided for me. On-line booking made it easy for me to schedule with Katherine. On my arrival she exhibited a thorough, comprehensive approach that I appreciate. I wanted her input on my chronic upper back immobility. She identified how my participation in sports like golf and hockey as a youth and my current activities such as cycling, skiing, computer work and performing surgery all contribute to my back issues. 

She provided acupuncture and cupping therapy during our consult and also reccomended ongoing exercises and attention to posture. 

I felt immediate response to the acupuncture and cupping. I literally left feeling an inch taller. I am convinced that Katherine’s advice regarding stretching / exercise and attention to posture will lead to a much healthier back. 

Thanks Katherine. I really appeiciate it!

Dr. Tom Honey, Squamish B.C.

Oct 2015

Kat has a great way of making you feel at ease and has amazing technique to ensure minimal to no pain. Best acupuncturist I have seen! Thanks for all of your advise and the great work you do!

Tina, Whistler  B.C.

Sept 2015 

I’m new to acupuncture, and am a solid believe now. I’m in constant pursuit to get my body recovery and in fine tune for performance. Kat has introduced me to the amazing healing powers of her therapy. It’s a vital part of my performance and recovery program. I fully endorse her treatment ability and she’s an amazing human being all the way around.

 Paul Romero, Strength and Conditioning Coach, full time ultra endurance athlete – Squamish, British Columbia 


July 2015

I’ve suffered from pain all over my body for over a decade, trying anything non invasive, before being recommended to Kat. I met her a few years ago and love the professional and educational experiences I have with her during each session. Her treatments have allowed my body a lot more freedom of movement for longer periods of time between each session. I have followed her from Vancouver to Squamish and as long as she stays at least within 2 hours away, I will continue seeing her for treatments.

Carmen, Vancouver B.C.

July 2015

Kat has been my ‘go to’ health practitioner for about a year. I’m so grateful for her holistic approach to supporting my body’s progression back to health. Her knowledge and expertise helps me to understand the much bigger picture of what is going on from the inside. Her results focused personal care helps to bring change fast. I have learned so much so I can make positive changes on my own and speed up the healing process. Kat is so generous with her descriptions and overall explanations and makes complicated body systems make sense so easily

Lydia, Squamish  B.C. 


July, 2015

I started seeing Kat a few months ago for acupuncture to help with some severe hot flashes I was experiencing due to menopause. I found Kat through the internet and decided to consult with her because of her extensive training and because one of her specialty areas is menopause. Having never experienced acupuncture in the past, I was not sure what to expect.

Besides having a wonderful personality, Kat is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond and has been attentive to other areas of my health as well. I am pleased to say that due to acupuncture with Kat, the hot flashes have diminished and I am also sleeping better. I have found the treatments to be calming, and feel quite relaxed afterwards. I would highly recommend Kat’s services to anyone.

Cathie, Squamish B.C.


March 2015

I have been seeing Katherine for a few months with back problems, she has helped and educated me with tons of useful information in my road to recovery.  I now am feeling so much better!  Not only does she do an amazing job at acupuncture she would send me follow-up e-mails to ensure I am doing my homework and doing well.  My back and I are so very thankful for her amazing treatments. 

Michelle, Squamish B.C.

 March 2015

Thank you for going above and beyond to give the best possible care to my grandmother!

Jenna, Squamish B.C.

January 2015

I saw Kat Smyth for acupuncture to support healing a ruptured Achilles’ tendon. Kat’s gentle and attentive manner made me feel at ease, and her professionalism and knowledge were evident throughout my care.  Acupuncture helped hugely with pain control and mobility as I healed!  I would recommend acupuncture with Kat for any health issues, as well as for general wellness.

-Tasha, Burnaby B.C.


April 2014

Katherine is fantastic!! She knows what she is doing and goes out of her way to get you healthy again. She was able to diagnose me before my family doctor was able to and fix the problem.
I’d recommend her to anyone.

Lilly, Toronto Ontario

September 2013

After suffering for years with lower back pain and many failed remedy attempts a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I went in as a bit of a skeptic but Kat’s level of professionalism and care blew me away. To date I haven’t found a treatment process that even comes close to this and I will be a patient of Kats for years to come.

-Ryan, Vancouver B.C.

September 2013

I attended Kats’ Clinic for the first time approximately four months ago with a little fear and a lot of skepticism having never tried it before.
I was blown away!!
Following a thoroughly professional and detailed discussion of my medical history, Kat outlined the areas where she felt I could benefit from acupuncture. The treatment was neither painful nor unpleasant. Surprisingly it was quite an experience that left me feeling totally relaxed and unwound. The days following this particular session gave me levels of energy that I didn’t have before.
I thank Kat for her introducing me to the world of Acupuncture and would most certainly recommend her services to anyone.

-Jamie, Vancouver B.C.

 August 2013

Absolutely great! I have to admit to being skeptical at first but Kat is great at making you feel at ease while making you feel at ease I highly recommend her to anyone from an athlete to a couch potato/weekend warrior like me!

-Stephen, New Westminster B.C.

 March 2013

I really appreciated Kat’s thoughtful consideration in my healing process. She was able to work on several different issues while offering practical advice that I was able to use in my everyday life. I liked the combination of acupuncture and acupressure as I benefited from both therapies.

-Kim, Vancouver B.C.


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